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What is the Geist Institute, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics

We are an integration center with a multidisciplinary team made up of traumatologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons to attend to everything regarding your CNS.

Geist Institute, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics

Your brain is, in so many ways, your life. It not just only more than 86 billion neurons, but also, the most complex and wonderful organ in a human body. Our spinal column contains one of the most efficient avenues and the executor of information trafficking and its dispersion throughout our body: the spinal cord; together, the brain and medulla form the central nervous system (CNS).
Think about it, everything you are, your dreams, your attitude towards life and your world view is connected to your brain. Having good habits throughout our lives strengthens us and prepares us to be able to have mental clarity thus implying a healthy brain.
At the Geist Institute, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics we are aware of the importance of your brain and its functionality, providing you with a large variety of procedures with state of the art technology and a team of specialist.

Our Differentiators

– Safe minimally invasive techniques
– State of the Art Technology
– Pioneers in Mexico on many procedures
– Team of Specialist Doctors and Nurses with an error rate of practically zero.